Riddle of the day

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon riddles, I came up with this one overnight:

You feed me full and take me to your bed,
every night you welcome me, for a season, or perhaps two,
before at last you want me no more,
and exile me to languish, alone.
But at last, when desire fills you,
you find me and feed me again
and I join you in your slumbers.

Riddle of the day

Eater of summer promise,
home of all the earth's crawling things,
and yet some do tend me,
and turn me in my bed.

Riddle of the day:

Having spent a week creating kennings and riddles with the kids at Wallasey School, I am obviously in that mode now. As I was coming back from the shops today I came up with a new riddle; I'll probably rework it to rhyme at some point, but here it is:

I saw a green field, eight feet below the ground,
on it people of all races,
doomed to fight or to be swallowed whole.

It's been a long few months

When I redid my website I fully intended to keep a regular blog, but, as is often the case, life got in the way before I could get into the habit.  It has been a long few months and I've been pretty busy.  Some of the highlights were:

A New Website

I've spent the last few days building a new website.  My old website was lovingly hand coded in html, was very fast and easy to maintain.  However it didn't have automated updating of the events block, a cool calendar or rss feeds.  Now I could have done all that by hand, or written some perl scripts to automate the process, but there are so many great content management systems (CMS) out there that I decided to use one.


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