How did Odysseus escape from Circe? How did Psyche come to be a goddess? What did Thor do in the land of the frost giants? What were Merlin's three prophesies? How did fire come from Tir nan Og to the land of men? What did Pwyll do in the underworld? How did Gawain win his wife? Is Arthur still sleeping in a cave somewhere? Why do frogs croak in the rain? Why does a tortoise's shell have cracks on it? Let me come and thrill you with tales from all places and all times.

I am a storyteller. I have a large repertoire of stories, including ancient Greek myths, Celtic legends, Medieval romances and Grimms fairy tales. My stories run the gamut from fables to epics. As well as traditional tales I often create stories on the fly using suggestions from the audience. Each session is unique and adapted to the needs and requirements of my audience, and may reflect the season, upcoming festivals or topical themes. Audience size can be anything from a few people to a few hundred. I tell anywhere where people want to be entertained or informed, e.g. schools, village halls, clubs, weddings, dinners...

Along with sessions where I tell stories for entertainment I run workshops for children and adults in storytelling, creativity and public speaking skills. Workshops can be single hour, whole days, or multiple days depending upon the aims of the participants. I am a keen walker and lover of the outdoors, and regularly run story walks where I tell stories in the woods or hills and we create stories based upon the landscape around us.

Based in Bromborough on the Wirral, mid-way between Chester and Liverpool,  I am ideally located for events in North Wales, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and Shropshire, but have travelled and told throughout the country and abroad.