Scientific and Mathematical Programmes

Storytelling isn't just myths and legends.  It's not just entertainment or ways to spark the imagination.  Stories contain wisdom; they can help you look at things in different ways and enhance thinking skills.  I am still a scientist at heart and this doesn't conflict with my joy in stories.  I generally incorporate riddles and riddle tales into my programmes, but have also been looking at programmes which combine my scientific background with my storytelling present.

I have two such programmes so far, although I intend to develop more and would be happy to talk to you if ypu have a specific theme you'd like me to explore.

Mathematical Stories

This is an hour long programme of traditional stories which explore different aspects of arithmetic and mathematics, such as rounding, series and sequences.  I can tell it just as a set of stories or I can explore the mathematical elements on the board afterwards.

From the Big Bang to the LHC

Every culture and society has its creation myth.  They were told in the courts of kings and in the great temples.  Science has given us a compelling theory of how the world came to be and I have turned this into a short piece in the form of the old myths.  The piece itself is only about twenty mnutes long, starting with the Big Bang, going through the splitting of the four fundamental forces, star formation, formation of our planet and the evolution of life, and finishing with a whirlwind tour through the history of science and technology.  This can be incorporated into a longer session where I talk about the scientific theories or answer questions on the science or the history of the science.