Historic Sites, Medieval Fairs, Museums, Arts Galleries, ...

Art Galleries and Museums

They say that one picture is worth ten thousand words.  Every picture or object in your collection has a plethora of stories associated with it:  the subject matter, the composition, the artist, the history, ... Even your building itself has stories associated with it.  Whether you want me to come and tell stories suggested by the collection, or to develop stories which showcase particular themes or events, I can come in and enhance your visitors' experience and bring extra magic to their visit.

Historical Sites

Bring the history of your site alive with stories of times gone by. I have a wealth of tales from many times and many places, and can create a custom programme to suite your needs. Let me entertain your visitors with myths and legends to fire their imaginations.

Historical Events

Scops, Skalds, Bards, Gleemen, Minstrels, Troubadours. Whatever they were called, storytellers used to wander the land, telling myths, legends, sagas and folktales at feasts or in market squares, bringing magic to the lives of the people. In great halls they might tell legends of great heroes like Beowulf and Fionn MacCumhail, or stories from the Mabinogion or the great tales of Arthur and his knights. The common people were given hope by listening to tales of Robin Hood and his merry men, and wizards and wise men living throughout the country. Be it a feast or a festival I will find stories to match and bring magic to the event.