What People Say

Some quotesTom telling at the Egg Cafe.  Picture by Keith Ainsworth

  • Captivating.
  • Fantastic Storytelling.
  • A very enjoyable and informative evening.
  • A most entertaining vision of dark and distant days of elegance and intrigue.
  • Beowulf was Brilliant!
  • A fascinating tale of old.
  • Many thanks for a wonderful evening
  • Brought colour and imagination to the tale. I could see it in my mind's eye. Excellent Evening.
  • Very enjoyable evening, you held your audience attention.
  • Thoroughly entertaining.
  • Great evening of storytelling, kept me captivated throughout, a wonderful demonstration of the art, thank you.
  • Fantastic - the first time I've had a story told to me for approximately twenty years - and I really enjoyed it! Just wish I had my mum to tuck me into bed like last time I heard a story ...
  • Knowing nothing about Sir Orfeo I was intrigued by the blend of Greek Myth and medieval fairy romance, and impressed by the way Tom had condensed a long Middle English poem into 20 minutes or so without spoiling the magic. Tom's performance of Sir Orfeo is a unique and warm-hearted journey into the world of medieval fantasy and a bold departure from the familiar ground often travelled by storytellers.
  • As guest storyteller for the evening Tom gave a great performance of Beowulf at our club. I could picture the scenes perfectly. The mark of a true teller.