Storytelling Skills

How do storytellers remember stories?  How do they make them interesting?  What processes can be followed when working on a new piece?  If you have always wanted to tell stories, or already tell and want to improve your skills, I can help you.  I can guide you through remembering the bones of the story, fleshing it out with exciting images, adding vocal dynamics, dealing with stage fright, ...

Spontaneous Storytelling

Have you ever just wanted to improvise a story?  Maybe you are a speaker looking to make your talks more interesting; maybe you are a writer looking for inspiration; maybe you just want some fun.  Whatever your motivation I can teach you fun and creative ways to create stories and tell them.

Public Speaking

Some people are terrified of standing up in front of an audience, however small, and talking.  Some people give talks and can't be heard.  Some people just give bad talks.  Whether you are the best man at a wedding or giving the immortal memory speech at a Burns supper, there is no reason to be terrified.  Talking in public is a skill which can be learnt; from the Ancient Greeks to the modern day techniques have been developed and studied.  Take advantage of them.