Corporate Training and Events

Storytelling is definitely not just for children. We all do it, every time we speak or write we are either telling a story or participating in someone else's story. Whether you are marketing, giving a presentation to the board, or talking at conference, you need to speak with clarity, confidence and authority.

Public Speaking Training

I had over ten years experience travelling the world giving presentations and workshops at conferences, and lecturing at universities before I became a professional storyteller. I have lost count of the number of presentations I have given and the number of powerpoint slides I've written.

I can run workshops to increase your confidence in speaking and your effectiveness in giving presentations. Talking in public is a skill which can be learnt. From the Ancient Greeks to the modern day techniques have been developed and studied. Take advantage of them.

Spontaneous Storytelling

Creativity is the key to success. Whether you are giving a speech or solving a knotty problem, being able to think on your feet and meet challenges spontaneously is essential. Like speaking, there are many tricks, techniques and games which can be used to spark creativity, and I know a lot of them and can teach them to you.

Business Stories

What is the story of your organisation? What are the stories which permeate the ethos of the company and the individual departments? What are the pithy anecdotes which explain why things are done in one way and not another?

Let me help you strengthen your teams and corporate spirit by exploring the stories that control your business.

Corporate Entertainment

Even if you are happy with the storytelling in your organisation, don't forget that I can just come along and entertain you at your annual dinner or when you are entertaining prestigious visitors.